IRSTI 03.20

Kozhakuly Otebay*
Doctor of historical sciences, Professor at Korkyt-Ata University Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda.
*corresponding author, E-mail.ru: oteubay@bk.ru
Spandiyar Akmaral Serikzhanovna
Master student at Korkyt-Ata Kyzylorda State University
Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda. E-mail.ru: spandiyar17@bk.ru
Abstract. The article describes the formation of the Turkic-speaking Bashkir ethnogenesis and the political struggle for independence, united by a fraternal people. An in-depth analysis of the historiography of Kazakh-Bashkir relations was made.One of its aspects is the struggle of Kazakh and Bashkir activists, as well as the personality of Zaki Walidi, his political activity, and his cooperation with Kazakh-Alash figures.The history of Kazakh-Bashkir relations with the Turkic world is deep, because starting from the XVIII century, the liberation movement of the Turkic people in the early twentieth century followed a single channel and left behind a rich political and intellectual heritage.
Key words: Kazakh, Bashkir, national liberation, communication, independence.
How to cite:
Kozhakuly O., Spandiyar A.S. History of kazakh-bashkir relations // Otan tarihy. 2020. №4(92). Р. 151-164.

Pdf: http://infohistory.info/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Қожақұлы-Ө.-Спандияр-А.Ж.-6.pdf