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Ualtayeva Altyn*
Candidate of historical sciences, associated professor, leading researcher at the Ch.Ch. Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology, Almaty, Kazakhstan
*corresponding author, e-mail: altyn.lazzat@mail.ru
Bidakhmetova Shinar
Мaster degree holder, Institute of philosophy, political science and religious studies, Almaty, Kazakhstan. e-mail: shinar81@mail.ru
Abstract. The proposed article is about political evolution of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan (APK) as a significant tool for influencing the inter-ethnic situation in our country, primarily through the prism of political relations. For this purpose, historical, comparative, structural-functional and institutional methods of studying this problem were used to identify the specifics of the functioning of the APK and its transformation in political-ideological and content-social aspects. The article attempts to consistently reveal the nature of theoretical and applied developments in inter-ethnic relationship, examines the world practice of harmonization of policy in this sphere based on the history of APK establishment, from local regional initiative to a recognized state institution. The Assembly’s social and legal interdependence determined by the need to adapt to changing conditions. The analysis is carried out on current constitutional and legal status of the APK and prospects of this structure development in the coming years.
Key words: Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, ethnic group, tolerance, adaptation, Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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Ualtayeva A.S., Bidakhmetova Sh. Political evolution of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan // Otan tarihy. 2020. №4(92). Р. 164-175.

Pdf: http://infohistory.info/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Уалтаева-А.-Бидахметова-Ш.-2.pdf