Editorial policy of the journal

The editorial policy of the journal is aimed at the active use and popularization of advanced domestic and foreign experience in the study of Kazakhstani and world history, ethnology and archeology, the familiarization of specialists and all interested readers with the above, and the increasing of researchers’ publication activity.

The editorial board welcomes interdisciplinary research and academic polemics on the pages of the journal, considering it as a platform for the presentation of various points of view, worldview concepts, methodological approaches to solving problems of national and world history.

The decision to publish an article is made on the basis of the opinions of leading scholars (involved as reviewers and experts) on its significance, scientific novelty, originality and relevance.

Aim and Objectives of the Journal

The aim of the journal is to publish the main results of relevant latest scientific research in the field of historical science, which have a theoretical, experimental and practical nature, contributing to the study of national (history of Kazakhstan) and world history.

The objectives of the journal:

The journal disseminates the achievements and innovations in the Kazakhstani and world historiographic process, is aimed at supporting new trends and developing innovative directions and interdisciplinary approaches in the research of Kazakhstani humanities, initiatives of young scholars, reflection of scientific solutions and conceptual approaches in historical science.

The publication of articles in the journal includes scientific works of both fundamental and applied nature on topical issues of history, source studies, historiography, archeology, ethnology, anthropology, culture of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

Thematic areas of the journal

The journal publishes articles on the following thematic areas of historical science:

– World History

– National history

– Source studies and historiography

– Ethnology, archeology and museology

– Methodology and theory of scientific research

– Scientific life

– Anniversaries

– Reviews

The journal is open for cooperation with Kazakhstani and foreign scholars, research teams, educational and scientific institutions.

 Archive and availability of scientific articles: published articles are posted on the journal’s website – the “Archive” section. The content of the journal “Otan tarikhy” is in the public domain and is provided free of charge to users and their organizations. Users are permitted to read, download, distribute, copy, print, search, or link to the full text of documents without prior permission from the publisher or author.

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(The editorial policy of the journal “Otan tarikhy” was updated and approved at the meeting of the editorial board (Minutes No. 1 dated January 08, 2021).